4 Things to Look While Buying Gazebo and Marquee

Marquee Perth

Nowadays, pop-up gazebos have become immensely popular in Perth. You can use them for outdoor parties, trekking, vacations, camping, and going to a beach or to simply enjoy an evening tea at the backyard of your house. Gazebos or marquees not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard but also provides a shelter from the scorching summer days, mosquitoes, winds and rains. These are a just few reasons that pop-up gazebo has gone so popular among Perth residents.

Pop-up design gives them unparalleled portability making them perfect portable shades for long days in the sun. Pop-up gazebos can be easily packed into their own carrying case for transportation.

Here are few things that you need to look for while buying a Gazebo in Perth:

Size: It solely depends on the number of people you’d like to accommodate at a time. Also consider the time, when you’ll be using your gazebo. The late afternoon sun comes in at an angle and provides less shade than noon time.

Fabric: Polyester is the most durable. Opt for the thickest one you can afford; thin ones tend to rip easily. Also find the one that can withstand the sun’s UV rays. Try to get the best quality canopy top that you can afford.

Fire retardant material: This might be required while setting up an event in a public place. Ensure to review the local ordinance.

Set-up: Some pop-up gazebos are easier to setup than others. While it is relatively simple, setting-up even a small gazebo will be a two person job.

A pop-up gazebo or marquee is a versatile and handy structure having a wide range of uses. If you do your research and get one that perfectly fits your needs, trust me, marquees and gazebos will give you many years of enjoyment.

Outdoor Instant Shelters is the leading provider of gazebos and Marquee in Perth. Our marquees and gazebos are manufactured using commercial grade high strength aluminium. They are strong, resilient and are of highest quality. Get your marquee today only at Outdoor Instant Shelters.


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